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Hello Faculty Picks!

Congratulations on receiving a Faculty Pick from one of our incredible staff! They must think you are pretty incredible too as they have awarded you a fast pass into our summer intensive!

Check out the summer tab above to learn all about our retreat style event and all the amazing things included. 

What is a Faculty Pick?

A Faculty Pick means that one of our faculty saw you at an event and thinks that you are the perfect fit to attend our summer intensive without having to submit an audition. You get to bypass the entire audition process and go straight to registration to save your spot. 

Your pick also includes a $250 scholarship to summer which can be redeemed by putting in the code FP2022 on your registration form. We require a $500 deposit to save your spot for summer so with your discount it will only be $250. 

We only give out a handful of these each per year. Due to the nature of the world currently, we will allow you to defer your faculty pick for one year if needed. Just drop us an email and we will make note of it. 

Faculty picks are only valid for our Summer intensive. This summer will be:

Nashville, TN

July 14-27, 2024

Check-in the afternoon of the 14th and out the morning of the 27th. 

More questions? Contact us!

Director/Founder: Casey Noblett

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